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Surrey, CA


Since kindergarten, Sarazen has been painting, sculpting, creating, and exploring every medium she could get her tiny hands on. She even opted for art camp as opposed to the regular one during childhood.

After a life altering car accident in 2009, Sarazen’s direction in life became clear and she dedicated herself to pursing art, and developing her philosophy and perspective. While recovering she began selling commissions and continuing her mentorship with renowned artist James Picard.

In a short time, Sarazen has exhibited extensively over Vancouver and Toronto doing live paintings, events, and openings. This includes a large-scale 2-person show at the Roundhouse in Yaletown that she curated, as well.

Her most meaningful series on the Universe has been half-collected, and she will continue to develop it further. She is enthralled and compelled to keep developing the project; it is a subject that every human being has some connection and relatedness to.

Sarazen’s painting style is hugely hands-on. She builds and stretches canvases to create custom sizes. She find it abundantly meditative, and to gives her a connected feeling with her work from beginning to end.

When asked about her eclectic range, she states, "There’s a freedom that comes in the ability to dive into different styles. I do not believe in restricting myself, the possibilities are endless, and there’s no reason to limit one’s creativity."