Create repeat buyers

Newsletters are the key to the attention of your fans. Keeping an active dialogue with anyone who is interested in your work keeps them aware of your progress and their first thought when it comes to buying art for their walls. Newsletters are a vital element in the success of any business.

We make the process effortless by giving you the right tools to quickly build a newsletter fit for a professional marketer. You can send specific content out to different groups, tell a story, and engage your audience in your artistic process. This is the key to unlocking the piggy bank of investment in you as an artist.

Ultimate selling tool

This is high tech sorcery at its finest. The days of lugging your original artworks or giant portfolios around town are over. Augmented reality (AR) is the new way to see art on any wall, to scale, without ever having to come into contact with the original artwork. Showcase your art in its full luster to potential buyers even if the artwork in question is not present.

Our app can take your art into the homes of buyers all over the world. This technology was developed to help any buyer have a better understanding of the artwork they are about to buy online.

You make a sale, we handle the details

It’s always good to make a sale, but the pesky details of a business transaction should not get in the way of your success. Safe and secure payment is essential not only to make sure money moves safely, invoices are sent, sales information is gathered for remarketing and taxes, but also, importantly, to protect from scammers trying to separate artists from their precious masterpieces.

Our custom payment link makes it easy for artist to do all of this in one go, forget about the business, and get back to creating.

See what works

Analytics are a visual key to helping you understand how your efforts are working for you.

It lets you discover meaningful patterns in the number of views and sales you have over time.

Whether you email your clients with a newsletter, spend a weekend at a show or post an artwork on social media, this all needs to be closely watched so you can understand what works and if you need to change your strategy. Analytics can become a valuable weapon, helping you make informed marketing decisions.

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