Our gallery is always open

Our doors never close while we exhibit your art every moment of the day and night. Direct2Artist gives you access to a diverse global audience, getting eyes on your art from all over the world. We are actively working with advanced technology to find you buyers even while you sleep, leaving you more time to create and do things you love most. It’s like having an agent in every time zone. We are always here for you to make sure you have the best experience showing with Direct2Artist.

No buyer is out of reach

We handle all shipments big or small. We organize the shipping, we deal with the hassle, and we do it right. All art sold on Direct2Artist is insured and shipped door-to-door, which means your artwork will get there safely and quickly with the FedEx white glove service. You can now easily get your art to buyers anywhere in the world without ever having to leave your studio.

Our technology finds you the right buyer

Your artistic effort and process may not always be visible in your finished pieces. Similarly, our technology may not be visible, yet it is constantly working for you under the layers. We use artificial intelligence that helps the buyers discover art they like while giving our artists equal representation in our gallery. We also use Search Engine Optimization to help you be discovered by people who are looking for your art.

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