Daydream in turquoise

Daydream in Turquoise

24 x 24 inches   •  500.00 (USD)

Acrylic Paintings  •  Abstract • Contemporary • Texture

I worked an afternoon demo for the FCA show that just closed in Kamloops. This is the piece I created in four hours at the show and another two hours at home. I just love the way the orange and blue and turquoise bounce around together. I was working in quite a small space and was worried about getting paint on the floor or the paintings behind me on the wall, so I had to tame my drippy paint and water spraying. A group of pre-teens from a local group home came through, so I had an audience for the afternoon. After talking about my work for a while, I went down onto the show floor and followed them around as they tried to find my paintings...they did. Thanks for looking.

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